Winter Update

On the Farm:

I spend the winter with the future. Hibernating, resting, and planning. I build the season on paper and in my head but at the end of February I followed the first directions on my seeding schedule. I planted, I began.

Yesterday, the first green pushed itself through potting soil and out into the open, up towards the light. The slow growing alliums fill my furnace room- light green shoots that will become wisps that will, in turn, become leeks or onions. It will be a long time before we eat those first leeks. We have to look forward. Beyond the first distribution in June- replete with radishes and new greens. Beyond pea season and bean season. Even after summer squashes, eggplant, and broccoli. We have to look deep into the future, into the fall, before we can see these first march shoots fulfilled. We may be in the leanest local food time of the year, but there is a lot to look forward to. CSA distribution will begin in Mid June!

Membership Renewal:

Thanks to all new members and returning members who have signed up. Look in your inbox for the arrival of a payment reminder or confirmation. For the rest, there is still time to renew your membership. Keep in mind that there is now an additional Saturday morning pick up time.

E-mail me with questions:

Maple Sugaring at Hand Hollow Sugar House:

Please stop by this weekend, or next time you see steam rising from the sugar house, to see syrup making in action. Soak in the maple scented steam, learn how we turn 50 gallons of sap into 1 gallon of rich, sweet, amber goodness, and of course taste sap and syrup.  We may still be months from eating farm veggie, but the land is producing another bounty for our consumption. Fresh syrup available for purchase!

The Sugar House is located across from the road from the CSA distribution barn.

Interested in Buying Local meat?

Join us on Wednesday March 31st between 6:00- 7:30 for an information session on pre-ordering whole lambs and whole or half pigs with Ruby Duke of Raven & Boar. Learn about whey fed pigs, farming practices, and cut options. This is a great opportunity to learn about your meat before you buy it!

Raven & Boar is a small family owned farm in Northern Columbia County.  We raise each small herd of pigs with care on our own open pasture and forest. Ruby and Sather Duke founded Raven & Boar in 2009 and set the simple goal of raising and growing as much of their own food that they could on the land surrounding their house and studio.  Both avid gardeners and cooks, it seemed inevitable that they would strive to have the best tasting pork possible.

Partnering with the local award-winning Old Chatham Sheep Herding Company to use the whey from their sheep’s milk cheese and yogurt as the primary source of food for their pigs (in the tradition of Italian pig farmers) makes for a unique flavor and texture to the meat.  The pork from pigs fed whey as their primary diet is naturally more marbled, and is especially excellent for charcuterie.  The meat also holds more moisture, and doesn’t dry out as easily in the pan or oven like some other pork products.

Raven & Boar’s pigs are fed whey soaked grains, grass, vegetables, fruits and naturally foraged roots and acorns.  We do not crowd our pigs or use antibiotics or hormones and rotate them seasonally with grass fed lambs, which keeps them all healthy and happy while also providing a fertile bed for next years garden.
Whole and half pigs and whole lambs are available when pre-ordered by April 15th. Our animals are USDA processed and are made available September through December.

Contact Ruby for pricing and more information:

Lebanon Valley Neighbors:

Join an online community bulletin board used to exchange ideas, resources events…with nothing for sale and nothing political. Offer up the extra apples sitting on your tree or pick up the neighbors bicycle that they just don’t ride anymore. Stay connected!

Click here to Join!


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