On The Farm- June 14th

Thanks to the rock picking volunteers for coming out and working to prep the land for planting- at least until the rain came down!

I am itching to get out into the field right now. My to do list is  cycling through my head, stopping each time on something new that seems most important to do. This week the list includes hand weeding carrots which grow slowly and picking the thistle patch which has grown unchecked in that far (out-of sight) side of the field. There are also some heavy jobs- hilling potatoes, pounding in tomato stakes- jobs that leave me with pleasantly sore, droopy arms. The tasks in the field are many, but it’s been two days since I focused my energy in the field.

Sunday, was the inaugural Lebanon Valley Farmers Market (10-2 at the Mid-Town Mall) at which Hand Hollow Farm is a vendor. It was and amazing first market, bringing people from the community together to shop, chat, play with bubbles, listen to music, and build our local economy. I suggest checking it out. Even if your fridge is full with farm veggies, you can find meat, bread, flowers, crafts, and next week hot Mexican food, cheese, and coffee.

Yesterday, while on the farm, I walked down to the field only for chicken chores. As a farmer, I have had to become many other things, things I never trained for, or thought of, while I dreamed of farming. I am a business person and also a builder. I spent my day yesterday, building, constructing, a new chicken coop in my haphazard style. It can be hard to do something I don’t actually know how to do, especially when that to-do list is still moving around the background of my thoughts. But my meat chickens are steadily growing, and I know I will feel accomplished and satisfied when I finish the coop this morning, move the chickens to new pasture, and can turn to something else that needs to be done.

Wednesday and Saturday that something else will be harvesting and distributing the first round of produce to all of you!


~ by handhollowfarm on July 1, 2010.

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