On the Farm- June 21

I see our future food in all the flowers open around the farm. Before the crops began to bloom, the path ways of clover, and field edges riddled with ox eye daisy and foxglove were all blossoming. These flowers, though not future squashes or tomatoes, do call in pollinators- the kind of desirable insects that we need around when the vegetable flowers decide to open.  For the past month, as I pulled my cart over bumps and ditches, through the field, I have glanced affectionately at bees and bugs moving from red to white clover, from plant to plant. Now, I see them stopping at one zucchini, and moving on to visit the next.

Large squash flowers trumpet out, and miniature patty-pans and crook-necks form and build in their wake. The smaller, yellow tomato blossoms bow in clusters. The center of these flowers slowly points up and out as the petals open back- and the next time I look, there is a firm green miniature tomato where the blossom had been- a compact Brandywine or Sun Gold. Tomatillos flower yellow as well- a vibrant disc, with a grey shadow of petals painted out from the center. Already these have moved from flower to airy, empty lanterns- the husks that will slowly be filled with fruit.

The flowers are looking well, the plants are healthy, and so the season is off to a wonderful start. And while I labor away, I like to think of the pollinators working away for their own purpose, but leaving behind the fruits of their labor for us.


~ by handhollowfarm on July 1, 2010.

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