On The Farm- August 30th

As a child I had a very simple relationship with the weather. I really only cared about how it would effect my clothing choices for the day. Getting out of bed in the morning, I wouldn’t ask if it would be hot and dry all day, perfect hoeing weather. I wouldn’t silently hope for rain, while others hoped for beautiful barbeque weather. I would simply ask, “What is it going to be like today? Is it Long-sleeve weather or short- sleeve?” My dad would inform me and I would move on with my day.

Now, I visit my many favorite weather websites, looking for predictions of what is to come. I live and work by the weather, plant and preserve based on it. In the past few weeks, the weather has been all over the spectrum. The heat of summer seemed to back off, we had several gray days and fallen leaves began to collect in my truck bed. Winds rushed through, pulling down trees and phone lines. Hail momentarily bounced off my window panes. The days calmed down, and the slow constant afternoon breeze arrived. This breeze, the gentle advent of cool air, accompanied by a hot bright sun is really the feel of seasonal change for me. That wind is fall. The thought makes me smile and it also portends a change in the farm work.

The harvesting really begins now. The rest of the potatoes must be dug and winter squash picked and cured. All the onions will come up and the dry beans will be set to hang until threshing. It will no longer simply be picking what we will eat this week, but harvesting whole rows at a time. The wind, the weather, the angle of the sun all tell me this. And though we now make a swing back to summer heat and humidity,I still think my relationship with weather is simple. I wake up and accept how the weather is, base me plans on that and move on with my farming.


~ by handhollowfarm on August 31, 2010.

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