On the Farm- September 20th

There are many things people love about the farm, things not valued in the share price- the community, the peace of picking basil in the field after a busy week, the freshness of the produce- its ability to stay good in your refrigerator for weeks. But what about the purely monetary value? Do you feel like you are getting what you paid for? Even when your bag is not stuffed?  Let’s explore how much your bag would cost you if you bought all the items at the farmer’s market.

A full share cost $23 for each pick-up, A half share costs $25.

Last week,  if you put 1 bag of mixed greens, 1 head of lettuce, a handful of beets and carrots, a quart box of potatoes, one mix&match box, 4 tomatoes and 2 delicata squash in your bag. You would have spent at least $25 at the market.  If you added 1 baby fennel, 1 butternut squash, 2 heads of garlic, and some hot peppers. Your share would cost you over $30 at the market. Maybe you took more of some of these items- increasing your bags value. Or maybe you picked basil, husk cherries and cherry tomatoes in the field, adding even more value.

In July, taking mixed greens, 2 head of lettuce, 1 boc choy, 1 kohlrabi, a hand full of carrots, a hand full of kale, a bunch of scallions, 3 summer squash, a bunch of beets, and a few garlic scapes would give you a similar result, over $25 value. Did you load up on scapes for pesto? Or pick peas in the field? Did you fall in love with kohlrabi or take lots of leaves for kale chips?

Perhaps you missed a week of pick up, but the 20 pounds of bulk tomatoes you received is worth the cost of a whole weeks share! Your carving pumpkin is an out of bag bonus. Each green bean or tomatillo you picked, also a bonus.  Belonging to the farm is not really about getting the best deal. It’s about supporting local food and knowing where, how, and who grows it. It’s about getting on the land and eating the most complex tasting tomatoes, it’s about the food, not the money. However when you look closely at the money, I think you will find each dollar well spent.


~ by handhollowfarm on October 6, 2010.

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