On The Farm- October 19th

The volunteer crew gets all the garlic planted.

The ground was not so wet after all, and all the garlic got planted. Holes were poked in neat rows, planters followed filling the holes clove by clove and covering each with soil. It was a glorious day- cold wind and sharp sun, members talking, sharing, and laughing.

Cider flows from the press!

However, it was also a productive day. We planted around 2,400 cloves of garlic. We chopped apples, ground them up, and pressed around seven gallons of cider- each batch a little different, very sweet or more tart. We came together to work and then we sat down to a delicious lunch. Even without the proper amount of chairs, people seemed to enjoy themselves!

Thank you so much for the community and support you all bring to the farm. You make the work go quickly and the hard work worth the toil!


~ by handhollowfarm on October 23, 2010.

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