On The Farm- June 3rd

On Wednesday, I sprinted from the greenhouse to the barn as large drops splatted on all of my limbs.  As I entered the shelter of the barn, pleased that I was just a little wet, I saw something bouncing out of the corner of my eye.  That’s hail, I thought, June hail.  To prove it, I picked up one of the chickpea sized bits, popped it in my mouth, and crunched on the ice.  Hail is just another one of the weathers challenges to the farmers, unexpected and uncontrollable, sometimes predicted but not avoidable, just another phenomenon to make sure we don’t get bored, lazy, or complacent. I sprinted back to the greenhouse, getting wet-through this time, to work out the storm in safety.   The post storm field walk revealed little to no damage, a few holes in the maturing spinach leaves, but not much else. We had no major hail, no Tornado, no flooded field.

 The farm is filling up with plants, drinking up the rain and using last week’s sun and heat to finally grow. Our earliest crops got in on time, germinating well in the cool spring weather. But the second wave of planting was slowed by all the wet weather, which makes the soil unworkable.  I am playing catch up a little earlier in the season than usual, but It is not something I am unfamiliar with. What I thought I would finish last week becomes this week’s priority and goals and plans shift with what must be done and what the weather dictates.

Despite the weather, I am pleased with how things are growing as our first distribution nears. The spinach is growing the best that I have ever seen it here at Hand Hollow. The peas have folded out their new white flowers.  The lettuce has grown out and is now growing denser. The plants are working hard, taking in light and moisture, battling insects and extreme weather, to produce your first farm salad of the season.  

Looking forward to another season of growing for you,



~ by handhollowfarm on June 3, 2011.

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