On the Farm-June 13

As we enter the first week of distribution, things on the farm begin to shift. Two months of intensive planting shift into a time of harvesting and sharing the yield.  There is a lot of preparation, mental and physical, to get ready for the first pick up.

This morning I peeked under row covers, scrutinized rows of greens, and estimated garlic scape growth. I determined what we would actually have to distribute after this tumultuous spring.  The barn has been organized. Old project have been put aside and accumulated dust has been swept away. As Wednesday approaches, I will sharpen my harvest knives and create new sign in sheets. I will take out the tall stacks of sturdy harvest lugs and I will consult my 2010 harvest book. This small notebook will tell me what I harvested each week last year, how much of each crop was harvested and what was left at the end of each distribution. It will inform the first harvest list of the season. I make this list, my weekly ritual, on the eve of distribution. I load the cart or truck with harvest containers, the newly sharpened knives, drinking water, and the list. I coil the hose away from the greenhouse and lead it to the wash station. The wash basin gets cleaned and the hose wound inside. 

When I wake up Wednesday morning, I won’t have to think. I will pull on my rain overalls and my boots and head outside. I will simply turn on the water on my way to feed the chickens. The water will get turned off on my way back. Then my harvest gear and I will head into the field and the harvest list will slowly become tangible lugs of spinach and radishes waiting for you to take them home.


~ by handhollowfarm on July 27, 2011.

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