On The Farm- July 20th

It is truly weeding time on the farm. The rain and sun that nourish the things we eat seem to nourish the things we do not eat twice at fast.  My task list for the week is dominated by a paragraph of different beds to weed. I walk the field prioritizing and reprioritizing in my head. Finally, I select a bed and commit- bringing my body down the ground, my hands and eyes close to the detailed work. Carrots are revealed, given space and air, given a leg up to compete with the new weeds which are sure to grown in the newly vacant soil.

My friend asked me, while spending the entire day weeding across from me, why we cannot eat grassy weeds. There are so many and they grow so insistently. We can eat a cow that ate the grass, but we don’t eat grass or most other prolific weeds. Even most native wild edibles are the rarer plants, that must be sought out with a practiced eye. So we select and we cultivate. We do what we can to promote the plants we desire to eat. We get down and weed, pulling grasses so that we  can eat spinach and don’t have to develop a rumen.


~ by handhollowfarm on August 20, 2011.

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