On The Farm- July 5th

Sitting in front of the computer in the winter with a cup of tea, my notebooks arranged around me, and multiple spread sheets pulled up, the farm is planned. It is planned based on the last few years of the farm and knowledge passed on from farmers before me. It is planned on the ideal. Each year I tweak planting dates hoping to align succession plantings so that the season runs smoothly and we never have a glut or a shortage. The numbers and dates look like weekly lettuce, they predict beets from July through October, but rarely do things line up perfectly.

 Our wet spring has been a wonderful environment for our greens to grow, but it has also thrown off the preordained planting schedule. Some seeds did not find themselves planted on the expected date. Beets may not roll in to the barn uninterrupted and you may see some crops a little later this year than in past years. But there will be plenty to eat and enjoy. The sweet onions are swelling to the brink of maturity and broccoli is starting to head up. Squash flowers transition to fruit, Tomatillo husks start to fill in, and more green tomatoes form each day.


~ by handhollowfarm on August 21, 2011.

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