On The Farm- August 16th

Two full days of gentle rain were welcome on the farm. This has been a season of polar extremes, of wet weeks and dry weeks. The past month has been dry, pulling moisture from weeding hands and releasing dust as tools cultivate rows of crops. We have had some lucky snatches of water in the last few weeks, short and hard storms that quenched crops and allowed for growth, but that left the soil looking dry within the day. So I am grateful for the rain, that went for days instead of minutes, that soaked the land and soaked the land again. It feels as if our reserves have been replenished, a safety net installed.

While the sky drizzles, work on the farm does not stop, it shifts. The plants drink and we move under shelter and revisit projects laid aside for a rainy day. The garlic we harvested a month ago has been hanging and drying, unattended as the stalks go from green to brown.  Onions have been curing in the green house, standing on screens, drying and developing their full flavor. But both of these crops need to be handled before we eat them. Stalks and steams are snipped off, roots trimmed, outer skins peeled away to leave a cleaner bulb. Garlic is sorted into seed stock to plant for next year and eating stock that we can begin enjoying this week.  This work, started in our haven of rain, will continue in fits and starts, when it rains, during distributions, or when friends and family come to lend a hand.    


~ by handhollowfarm on August 28, 2011.

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