On The Farm- August 23

Each Wednesday and Saturday, I am stunned by the baskets, bags, jugs, and hand held bouquets of flowers members harvest from the field. The clippers are always in demand and each grouping of flowers is unique- a small cluster of dry flowers followed by a mass of wispy wild flowers.

Most days I walk by the flowers without turning my head, or my eyes look at the flowers while I think of all I have to do to keep the vegetables coming in.  But the past week I have spent some time tending the flower garden, weeding paths and reaching in and around the stalks and buds. The soil is moist and laden with rich compost. The prolific calendula has more dry brown buds then new blooms, but the rudbeckia are just entering their prime and the tithonia haven’t even started to blossom.  The flower garden is the first place I have found on the farm where deer browse past the intended crop and nip the weeds instead.  There are sweet scents and musky scents and color after color. 

I think I will always consider myself a vegetable farmer, but I am glad for the chance to step away from crop production into the quiet and beauty of the flower garden.  The flowers may not always turn my head, but the bouquets you pick, and your pleasure in doing so are an even greater happiness for me.


~ by handhollowfarm on August 28, 2011.

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