On the Farm- September 13th

Water still rushes down the creek, usually dry at this time of year, its pleasant sound a reminder of last week’s rain.  Though sudden shifts in the wind have begun to draw cold, fall air our way, the sun has beat down steadily and hot. Morning layers are quickly thrown off as the day’s activity gets serious. The laden soil has slowly begun to drain and evaporate.  Some swaths remain too mucky to support tractor wheels, but others have dried enough to be cultivated. The stalks or roots of harvested beds get folded into the soil where they break down and return some of the nutrients their plants consumed. The beds are prepared for cover crops, for oats or rye, to shield the earth from winter’s harshness. Each day there are small reminders that the weather and the work on the farm are tending towards fall, towards bulk harvests and leaves twirling down from the trees, towards cleaning up the field and anticipating the first frost.


~ by handhollowfarm on September 13, 2011.

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