On the Farm- September 20th

The first warnings of frost passed us by without blackening the basil and turning firm fruits to mush. We can enjoy another week of summer fruits and enjoy them more after feeling the rushing winds of fall, the cool mornings nipping at tender fingers.

 As days in the field seem less busy and hectic for me, I look down, though thinning trees, at fifty white chickens hard at work in the field. They scratch and peck, snapping up bugs and grubs and weed seeds. They roam and grow and fertilize. They pile up at night- sharing warmth with each other, and fan out in the day- seeking the choicest morsels for themselves. One patch at a time, I can hand the field over to the chickens . Not planning or cultivating, just watching and waiting.


~ by handhollowfarm on September 20, 2011.

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