On the Farm- October 4th

This has been a tough year for the farm, which experienced a lot of weather extremes. I can easily recount the challenges and disappointments, but let’s take a chance to remember some of the biggest  successes of the season.

After 3 years of meager onion crops, I set my mind to having a good onion year, to closely tending this slow growing vegetable. We have enjoyed a steady succession of onions since the second week of July- starting with large, succulent sweet onions, moving into sharper red onions and their sweeter, flatter cippolini companions, and now adding small, but pungent yellow storage onions.  Onions are not the first vegetable we think of when we think “fresh” or “local,” but most dishes are not the same without them.


I would also like to take a moment to acknowledge the Eggplant and the Pepper. Both have been producing steadily through our hot season, hopefully spicing up your share in the absence of tomatoes.  I have never grown such a bounty of eggplant or such a wide selections of peppers, hot and sweet. As cold settles in, these fruits will stop producing and your shares will include some new crops. Fall brings roots, and rutabagas and celeriac will make their season debut, with cabbage as their green companion.

After a season of struggling in the moisture to meet planting dates, next year will herald a focus on some of our basics, making sure each week brings beet, carrots, and salad in your share. I also hope sweet potatoes will be a successful new addition to the crop rotation. What new veggies would you like to see on the farm?


~ by handhollowfarm on October 4, 2011.

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