On the Farm- October 25th

This is the last week of CSA pickup. A month ago it seemed as if the season would continue on for ages, and now it seems all too abrupt an ending.  Long days of work are transitioning to a time of rest. Today new ground was plowed up for next year and this year’s fields were turned in. The field that was once a patchwork of colors and textures- sprawling green vines, reaching purple leaves, is now brown, brown and stony. This soil is my canvas. And today it is a new canvas, calling to hold cabbage here and sweet potatoes there. The barren field is potential, possibility. This winter I will processes the year, its challenges and bounty, your comments and my notes. It will swirl together with hope, innovation, and spreadsheets to blossom into next year’s farm.

I appreciate your support in a tough season of weather extremes and hope you will continue to enjoy all that the farm offers in years to come. Pick up a share renewal form in the barn if you haven’t already and encourage your friends to join the farm next year. In the meantime, savor the last week, the last vegetables, and the last farm meals of the season.

*I will not be at Distribution on Saturday. I am attending my first Whole Farm Planning class for Beginning Women Farmers. Your produce will be available in the barn all day, though I will not be there to answer your questions. I apologize for missing our last week of the season!


~ by handhollowfarm on October 25, 2011.

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