Member Testimonials

This is a place to hear the experience of current and past members with Hand Hollow Farm CSA. Please Feel free to share your own experince by commenting below.

This CSA has been a source last year and so far this year, of a marvelous array of beautiful fresh veggies and flowers. It’s a joy to go out into the field and pick peas, greens and flowers, lovingly raised by a farmer who not only provides us with food for the table but also, with her literary skills, Ellen gives us weekly glimpses of the life of the farm including the challenges and delights she encounters. Recipes are also included in emails to expand our enjoyment of these healthy, delicious foods. There is a wonderful sense of community of among the CSA members, chatting as we pick up our distribution or picking in the field side by side, or enjoying one of Ellen’s annual birthday celebrations of shared food and laughter. We are so amazingly fortunate that she has landed in our midst.


I have been a member of Hand Hollow Farm for two years now — it’s first two seasons as a CSA.   My family has been incredibly pleased with the experience:   this farm has it all!   Produce, community, education and fun.   First of all, the farm does offer an amazing variety of organically produced vegetables, herbs and flowers, and, the share size and member price make membership in this farm a great value.   But, that’s not all:  The farmer and apprentice pay great attention to fostering community — the farmer is always available to chat, and answer any and all questions, as need be, during produce distribution/pick up, times.    Children are welcome on the farm, and are able to interact with and feed the local chickens.   Community pot lucks are sponsored one or two times a season, as well.    Distribution times are wonderful, for getting to know neighbors.

The farm may not be certified organic, due to the costly processes required to become “certified” organic, however, as a farm member who has also helped in the fields on more than one occasion, I can attest that only organic practices are used on this farm, regardless of certified organic inspection status.

We (my family and I) love being members of this CSA, and hope to see it grow, in coming years.


I love Hand Hollow Farm CSA for a lot of reasons, but mostly because the vegetables are so incredibly delicious. And I was not a fresh vegetable eater before we joined Hand Hollow; now I resent having to eat flavorless store-bought veggies when our Hand Hollow frozen stash runs out in the spring. Another reason is how cheap Hand Hollow is—we spend less than $25 per week for more freshly picked, organically grown veggies than we can eat, cook, AND freeze (FYI: we used to spend an average of $80 per week for foreign-grown organic veggies that tasted so-so). And I really love Hand Hollow because now I have a personal relationship with my food—how, where, and by who it’s grown—and that’s delightful!



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